Germany States and Capitals Printable Worksheet

Introduce your students to the 16 states and capital cities of Germany! Three printable worksheets (plus answer key). Using the list of states and capitals on page 2, your students will write the capital city of each state on the map of Germany (page 1). Then answer 8 true/false questions on page 3.
States – Capitals included:
Baden-Württemberg – Stuttgart
Bavaria – Munich
Berlin – Berlin
Brandenburg – Potsdam
Bremen – Bremen
Hamburg – Hamburg
Hesse – Wiesbaden
Lower Saxony – Hanover
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Shwerin
North Rhine-Westphalia – Düsseldorf
Rhineland-Palatinate – Mainz
Saarland – Saarbrücken
Saxony – Dresden
Saxony-Anhalt – Magdeburg
Schleswig-Holstein – Kiel
Thuringia – Erfurt
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