Mexico - Printable map - Fill in the blanks

Mexico is located south of the United States and north of Central America. Teach your students Geography with two printable handouts (plus answer key).

Page 1:
FILL IN THE BLANKS on the map for each of the following: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Atlantic Ocean, Belize, California, Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Florida, Georgia, Guatemala, Gulf of Mexico, Honduras, Louisiana, Mexico, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nicaragua, Oklahoma, Pacific Ocean, Panama, South Carolina, Texas.

COLOR CODE: Choose a color for the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Bodies of Water. Then color the map.

Page 2:
Use your completed map and compass to answer 7 questions.

Page 3:
Answer Key.

Colored pencils or crayons and a pen or pencil are needed for this activity. No other prep needed.

Mexico - Printable map - Fill in the blanks $1.00